EcoWorks Art-Cache

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.  In this case, EcoWorks has hidden “art” caches all around the city and parks of New Haven. Everyone is invited to participate, this is a great activity for kids, adults, and families. 

Tools:  Don’t have a GPS unit?  You can download free geocaching apps for your smart phone. 

EcoWorks has hidden 14 Art-Caches around the City of New Haven and invites everyone to seek them and engage by re-creating the art piece found within.

img_0714.jpgEach EcoWorks Art-Cache has a diorama inside and is filled with visual ephemera designed to be changed, altered and added to as finders choose. 

All participants are also encouraged to take a picture before and after they alter it and share images via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using #EcoWorksArtCache.  Art-caches should be returned and re-hidden in the same spot for the next artist to who finds the cache to build upon the diorama.

The hunt will officially begin Monday May 8th and will be ongoing through the end of Arts & Ideas.



  • Choose any geocache from the list below.
  • Enter the coordinates of the geocache into your GPS Device.
  • Use your GPS device to assist you in finding the hidden geocache.
  • Take a picture of the Art-Cache before and after you manipulate it and return the geocache to its original location.
  • Share your Art-Cache photos, perhaps naming which one you manipulated, such as “Nelly’s Attic” on Facebook (/ecoworksct), Twitter (@ecoworksct) or Instagram (@ecoworksct) with hashtag #EcoWorksArtCache or #ArtCacheNHV.

Please don’t take the art-caches.  After finding an Art-Cache and re-creating it, please return it to where and how you found it.  If you feel that the cache may not be in the correct location or it has been broken, please email

Suggestions for re-creating: Take something out and put something in.

Safety: While participating, stay safe and please be aware of poison ivy and ticks. All caches are on public property, and never buried.


It’s Getting Warmer  Lat: 41.31683 Long: -72.92998
Triple stump

It’s Downright Hot Darling Lat: 41.32807 Long: -72.94138
Hollow at base of tree

Tropical Even Lat: 41.25307 Long: -72.90151
Leaf pile in cluster of 6 young trees

Don’t Ignore the Science Lat: 41.32699  Long: -72.90452
Hike or drive to the top, then get real low and look for a small hollow tree! 

Or Sell us Smoke and Mirrors Lat: 41.33585 Long:72.97532
Between the rocks

Remember the Wild Places Lat: 41.33324 Long:-72.91401
In the pines, where the sun don’t ever shine

Or We Join the Dinosaurs Lat: 41.33476  Long: -72.90332
Stop and smell the roses

Fresh  Lat: 41.33927 Long: -72.96407 
Fallen tree

Origami Spree Lat: 41.31513  Long: -72.28333 
Sea of small purple flowers

Asia  Lat: 41.30357  Long: -72.92363 

Navajo Emerald  Lat: 41.32138  Long: -72.92401 
Base of a yellow tree

Nelly’s Attic Lat: 41.30287  Long: -72.88085

Tropical Paradise Lat: 17.95000 Long: -72.92630

Bread and Circus Lat 41.30133  Long: -72.90255



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